Small business can be pleasure or struggle—but more and more people are taking it up.  Did you know that a huge 34% of the U.S.  workforce are independent business owners or freelancers?  Australians are following that trend.

While the independence feels wonderful, this choice brings its own stresses.  So you might be interested to learn about a secret weapon that millions of people worldwide use to make their lives easier.

This is not a weapon to fight other people with.  It’s a way to reduce or eliminate what’s difficult for you right now… and for the rest of your life.

Tapping is a brilliant skill

The brilliant skill I’m going to share with you here could do wonders for your business life, as it has for many others.  You’ve always been able to use it — you just didn’t know that. You can do things you don’t know you can do!  And you need only a little tuition, not a college course.

For business or personal worries  your secret weapon is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping).

This is an amazing science-and-research-backed acupressure  technique that you can easily learn and apply to just about any troubling situation at work — or in your personal life.  (And we can’t help bringing our personal worries to work, can we?)

‘Tapping’ means briefly fingertapping on key acupuncture points on your head, body and arms, while you focus a few words on one problem at a time.  Amazingly — doing this changes stressful emotions into peace,  worry mindsets into possibility mindsets.  How?  Acupressure has been proven to calm the brain’s fear centre.

Business people all over the world have reported lots of ways they’ve improved their worklife and even their business productivity with this secret weapon.

Talking of ‘secret’ —

Nobody’s suggesting you do this in public!  Tapping on yourself and talking to yourself does look a bit strange at first.  We know the world’s not ready for that, although there are EFT tips on how to de-stress in public.

But in a crisis at work, lots of people rush off to the rest room to tap a few rounds of EFT privately, to bring their stress down quickly so they can think clearly under pressure.  Later they can choose their time and place to tap for deeper results, or they book a session on the situation with an EFT practitioner.

Will tapping work for me?

Even as a tapping beginner, you can expect a minimum of success 50% of the times you use this technique to lose a worry, a fear, an anger that clouds your judgement.

With a little more knowledge you can win even more. EFT practitioners, after years of study and experience, typically rate their EFT successes with clients in the high 90%s.  As a practitioner/trainer I can vouch for that.

‘Stronger financial states’

Here’s what Huffington Post had to say about EFT tapping and business.   ‘According to many tapping students, EFT has resulted in bigger thinking, more action, stronger financial states, career growth, and increased satisfaction with life.’  (Brian Horn )

U.S. business tapping coach Margaret M. Lynch, author of ‘Tapping into Wealth’,  says that when it comes to making more money and creating more financial success, to see the whole story you must look at your mind/body/money connections.  She has proven the technique by tapping her way to a 6-figure international business.

As a success-minded professional, you already know what difficulties you could use some help with.

Are any of them here?

You could:

  • relieve your stress
  • relieve work-related physical pain
  • ease workplace conflict
  • improve business performance (e.g. cold calling reluctance)
  • build your self confidence
  • clear away lifetime habits of self doubt, procrastination, self-sabotage
  • empower your goal-getting
  • identify and dissolve limiting beliefs that hold you and your business back
  • dissolve burnout
  • heighten your business vision and move on it
  • and more.

Many problems shift quickly, others that are more complex take some persistence.  But shift they typically do, if EFT is done correctly.

EFT founder Gary Craig says that — 22 years after its inception and growth via the Internet – ‘EFT is the most imitated healing method in history’.  So some of the many tapping videos on Youtube may or may not work for you. I teach the real EFT on which dozens of scientific studies have been done.

Is tapping only a feel-good process?

No, tapping done thoroughly is typically permanent, and also extremely specific.  Remember how you’ve felt when a specific burden rolls off your back and you’re free of it?

  • Cold calling for example is a big burden for lots of salespeople. People have reported that after tapping about their reluctance with an EFT practitioner, now each call is an exciting new opportunity.
  • New solutions may be what you need when you feel bogged down by a problem. If you learn a little more on how to apply tapping, it can boost your creativity — such as bring in that formerly elusive bright idea that can turn a troubling situation around in a flash.
  • Physical pain  You could even lose the back pain or neck pain that you’ve had for years,  which may be related to your posture or activities at work.  A new student of mine doing her EFT class homework dissolved a neck pain she had suffered from for 30 years.

Examples of tapping working on all levels of business: 

  • At her desk a student of mine noticed a workmate frowning and wincing from a bad headache. At the start of the lunch break she offered tapping help. The woman said, ‘I’ll try anything.’  Ten minutes later the headache was gone.  Sometimes in such situations, an ache or a pain does not return
  • A store boss risked losing a young promising employee, in whom he had invested training, to her stressful family situation. He paid for her to clear away a layer of her stress through a session with me.  She has stayed employed.
  • Another client took a series of private sessions with me to overcome a mindset that although she was great at her job and received compliments all round, she couldn’t manage to be adequately paid for her skills.

We tapped away a lifetime of negative beliefs around her feeling that she didn’t really deserve a lot of money – that having money and being more visible publicly would put her in danger – that she had been underpaid for years, following being ‘trained’ during her upbringing that she should marry a rich man (the implication?  ‘You can never get rich by yourself’).  She also tapped daily as she felt stressed.

Recently she landed the top job of her dreams.  She’s a tapper now safely on her way to brilliant  career success that will benefit people nationally and internationally.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, popular science educator,  tells us that the subconscious mind is millions of times stronger than our conscious awareness.

Have you ever wondered why your positive thinking doesn’t move the mountains you hoped it would?  Well, after you tap away even some of the negativities that have blocked you, you can find that EFT is the missing link to getting those positive results.

Group power: business teams

So far I’ve been talking about EFT as just for the individual.  But hey — imagine your whole business team honing their skills on a single project this way…  Sporting teams have done this, and improved scores and championship wins have showed the difference.  So –


‘How can I work with Annie O’Grady?’

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