If you are feeling afraid that your honeymoon closeness might be over – however long that beautiful period lasted – don’t give up.  Let me give you a valuable relationship tip: Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping).

This is a powerful self-help technique based on research that reduces stressed emotions, often quickly.  When you feel peaceful, you could surprise yourself, because then you might see things rather differently.

If you learned to approach this problem with EFT tapping – a simple acupressure technique you could use for yourself – after tapping you could find possibilities opening up about what to do in specific situations to feel better.

Hard to believe, but it’s true

Here’s how this relationship tip could help you.  Suppose that right now you are angry with your partner for not doing something you normally expected him/her to do.   You now have a choice, either to stay angry and stressed, or to drop the anger.

Unfortunately, emotions don’t follow our orders, even when we really want to stop feeling them!

But EFT tapping often enables people to reach peace in minutes or less. Tapping on key acupressure points on your face, hands and body calms down your brain’s fear centre, which is always affected in a row.

It’s a fact that as our stress level lowers, we often spontaneously change our minds.  You’re likely to find yourself saying, ‘Well, s/he might have been too busy at work,’ or, ‘Well, I didn’t actually say that was what I wanted,’ etc.

And when you feel peaceful you’re in the clearest mindset to decide what to do. This is a relationship tip that could support you and yours for the rest of your  life.

Is your relationship worth a little bit of extra  effort?  What do you think?  Try EFT tapping for yourself.


‘How can I learn EFT tapping?”

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