Jenny had become deeply involved with a new lover, but after two months he had inexplicably dropped her.  She was shattered.

She spent the next two months suffering emotional pain, which interfered with her professional work, before she turned to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping) for help.

After three private sessions with me, Jenny said, ‘I feel so much better.  I’m not angry at him any more. I wish I’d tried tapping as soon as it happened.’

 How can tapping on yourself heal heartbreak and despair?

Another woman obsessed with her marriage breakup decided to try tapping. After she’d poured out her concerns – how guilty she felt, wanting to stay friends with her ex but devastated because he would not – I asked how long ago the breakup happened.

‘Fifteen years,’ she said.

One of the many things this new stress release method demonstrates is that — perhaps a great deal of our emotional suffering is unnecessary…

‘Suffering is unnecessary’  ???

Clearly, as EFT tapping’s track record of stopping pain has been so well documented over 22 years around the world – quite possibly, we don’t need to stay in heartbreak.  Countless people have testified to moving out of suffering, to their own surprise.

While there are no guarantees, this seems to make suffering a choice.

What happens in an EFT private session?

An EFT practitioner first guides a client to reduce or eliminate uncomfortable emotions relating to present circumstances.  Focussed tapping on carefully selected acupuncture points along an individual’s meridian system  automatically calms the brain’s fear centre, step by step.

Plus, every time you lower your stress levels through tapping on acupoints, your mental perspective on a given situation spontaneously alters for the better.

Next the practitioner might ask, ‘When have you felt like this before?’ or ‘What does this present situation remind you of?’  This uncovers any prevailing negative patterns of thought and behaviour that may need to be eliminated.  For example, someone might say, ‘Why do I keep falling for partners who want to control me?’

This opens the way to deeper transformational work through tapping, to clear away negativity and automatically install healthier behaviour, leading to happier outcomes.


‘How can I learn EFT tapping?”

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