Well, you can heal bad memories,  surprisingly quickly and gently, using the state-of-the-art acupressure method called Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT tapping.

For decades Julie couldn’t face thinking about what happened to her when she was sixteen and a man had attacked her.

She hadn’t told anyone about the attack except a doctor, an older man, straight after the experience.  He’d said sternly that she must have invited it — and that in twenty years’ time she could expect a growth where her attacker had punched her.

Twenty years later she was still worried about this, and decided to deal with the memory.  First she had a medical checkup on her stomach, and to her relief it was clear. But she still felt disturbed.

Julie chose me as an EFT practitioner/trainer, saying, ‘I feel silly, but sometimes I still shake when I remember that man and the alley, how close I was to being raped, or worse.  Hanging on to the terror doesn’t seem healthy.

‘Will tapping make me forget about it all?’

‘No,’ I said, ‘but the memory just won’t bother you any more.’  I invited Julie to tap on the side of her hand while she told me what had happened.

City street attack

She said, ‘I’d just left my class at the business college in the city and I was walking down the street on a sunny afternoon.

‘As I passed an alley, a man came out and grabbed me by the arm and pulled me into the alley. He pushed me up against the wall and punched me in the stomach. Then he backed off and kept looking at me as he started to take off his trousers.

‘I was paralysed with terror.  I couldn’t even call out.  There were other people in the street, but not close.

‘Suddenly I gathered all my strength and ran.  I ran and ran.  He didn’t come after me.  I was incredibly shocked.  I caught a tram home and I was trembling all the time.’

I asked, ‘Did you tell your family?’

She said, ‘No, I couldn’t tell anyone.  For some reason, I felt ashamed.  That doesn’t make sense now.

‘But I was worried whether the punch had damaged my stomach, so next day I found a doctor, an older man.  He traumatised me again with his attitude that it must have been my fault. I was just walking.’

Tapping away terror

I explained to her that the experience had triggered her brain’s fight-flight-freeze centre, and the ‘freeze’ reaction had shut her body down biologically, so that at first she literally could not move.  Fortunately, then her ‘flight’ reaction had kicked in.

We listed several aspects of trauma to tap away — not only her terror and shock from the attack, but also her shock at the doctor’s words, fear for her stomach, and — from later on — the rage she’d felt for years trauma at the doctor when she’d realised how prejudiced he’d been to an innocent teenage girl.

EFT’s acupressure-and-mindfulness trauma techniques calmed her in minutes , by permanently neutralising the trauma.

We ended the treatment by enabling her to forgive herself for feeling irrationally ashamed of being attacked in the first place.

Julie was now smiling happily, greatly relieved.   ‘I do remember it all,’ she said, ‘But there’s no emotional charge left.  And my stomach feels safe.  At last.’


‘How can I learn EFT tapping?”

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