A man in his fifties, Scott, decided to do something about his lifelong dyslexia, a learning disability.  He came to me as an EFT tapping (Emotional FreedomTechniques) coach, to see if this new acupressure method could help him.

Scott’s poor reading abilities had always held him back, and he had somehow coped.  But this problem had often troubled him, and it had greatly narrowed his work choices.

He came across to other people as a slow reader who mispronounced words and used imprecise language, couldn’t spell, and didn’t read books.  Starting with ongoing problems in his school days, this difficulty had also affected his relationships and friendships.

He suffered from other people’s assumptions that maybe he was a bit short in the intelligence department.  Actually, that was far from the truth.  Now he wanted to attempt some study, but quailed at the thought of the difficulties ahead.

Myth about dyslexia 

A common assumption about dyslectic people is that they all reverse letters when they read.  Only some dyslexics do this. There is a wide variety of difficulties dyslexic people experience with reading, including other strange visual effects, and comprehension problems.

I asked him what actually happened when he set out to read.   He said, ‘I get each word’s meaning and then it’s gone.’

I held up a brochure and asked him to read a paragraph aloud.  He said, ‘It’ll take ages.  This is embarrassing.’  He stumbled  through a sentence.

Releasing stress               

Our EFT tapping work in that session focussed on releasing Scott’s stress about his reading. Stress comes in a variety of disguises, and includes uncomfortable emotions.

EFT is a meridian-balancing practice.  It works with the energy structures underlying both stressful emotions and stress-related physical symptoms, for emotional, physical and performance problems.

Our EFT clearing ranged from Scott’s immediate difficulties with a sentence to way back in his life, to the many humiliations at school.  As a child he had experienced little support at home.  He suffered daily all through his school years  because of his dyslexia — unrecognised as such in those years — together with its performance and social consequences.

We tapped  and released anger and shame of many years’ duration.

A breakthrough memory that we de-fused through EFT tapping was of a schooldays incident where he was publicly beaten for failing.

At the end of the session I asked him again to read a paragraph from a brochure.  He did – triumphantly.   He looked wonderstruck.  He said afterwards, ‘I just zoomed in and read it!  And I understood it!’  He hurried off to practise reading.

EFT had done it again — permanently released deep stress so that natural functioning can happen.    Happy studying in your new course, Scott !


‘How can I learn EFT tapping?”

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