Marilyn was spending most of her time worrying.  She worried about her grandchildren, about her job, about her health, about her neighbors, about anything at all.  She just could not stop the anxiety– until she tried EFT tapping.

When she came to me for an EFT session she was sceptical about this new technique, as many people naturally are,. She could not imagine that tapping on her acupuncture points could make any improvement in her life.

She was also in pain down her right side, with sciatica, and winced as she sat in the chair.  I showed her the remedial EFT 30-second tap-and-talk routine that we repeat a few times, and I explained that the only thing this gentle routine did was to release stress, so it was safe.

I asked what topic she would like to work on.  She said she had so many problems, she couldn’t decide.  We narrowed it down to one, to begin.

Her grandson problem

Her young grandson was a tearaway child, and it seemed nobody could control him.  Marilyn worried that he would get into trouble and end up in detention and later in jail.  Having tried to advise him with no result, she would spend a good part of every day worrying about him.

We agreed that the worry was not helping her or her grandson.  We began to tap away this stress, tapping on her acupressure points while saying words such as, Even though I’m so worried about Trevor, I accept myself.  At first Marilyn found this strange.  The idea of accepting herself just as she was seemed new.  But she continued.  Even though I’m so worried about Trevor, I accept and love myself anyway.

Within a couple of minutes, Marilyn felt herself relaxing a little.  This in itself was unusual. She could see that nothing had changed except her own stress, but that was indeed letting go.  She was beginning to stop the anxiety herself.

We repeated the same small routine about her Trevor worries:  Even though I’m so worried about Trevor, my worry doesn’t help him and it damages me, and I accept myself anyway.

She had a realisation.  She now said wonderingly, ‘Trevor’s not my problem!  I love him, but he won’t listen to me!’  Her worry level was coming down.:  Even though I’m still worried about Trevor, and I love him, I’ve done all I can do, but it’s his life, and I accept and love myself, deeply and completely.

‘The leg pain’s not as bad now’

A couple of minutes later Marilyn said, ‘Stop!’  She was holding her painful thigh.  She looked amazed as she said, ‘The pain’s not as bad now.’

She had discovered for herself that her stress level was connected with the sciatic pain — and that EFT tapping was relieving both.

And – just as important – she now said, ‘I feel better about myself!’  She was overcome with surprise and delight.

Marilyn chose not to continue with her 1-hour session, but took away my book, ‘Tapping Your Troubles Away with EFT’’ to learn more on how to use EFT tapping for herself at home.

She had found an OFF switch for her unnecessary worry about a boy insisting on ignoring her advice.  And I explained that she could also apply this simple technique to stop her anxiety on other topics.


‘How can I learn EFT tapping?”

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