Do you know that many people whose X-rays show skeletal damage have no pain, while many others with identical X-rayed conditions daily battle terrible pain for years?

What is the difference?  Surprisingly — modern research studies show that unresolved emotions and traumas play a huge part in maintaining or even creating physical pain.

Achieving emotional peace often frees up physical pain.                                                           

The Scientific Explanation

Pioneering body-mind researcher Dr. Candice Pert revealed the scientific basis for the idea that we can heal diseases in the body by targetting stressful emotions in her groundbreaking  book, ‘Molecules of Emotion:  the Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine’ (1997).

Since then, a number of scientific disciplines have explored and confirmed this topic, and research is now continuous.  Mind-body diagnosis is a growing knowledge base, even revealing which emotions are commonly associated with common ailments, diseases, body parts.

This means that the ‘commonsense’ reason for a person’s chronic pain may not matter, in this respect.  Drug-free pain relief may be possible anyway. Countless people report favorable results from this approach, worldwide.

Indicating changing contemporary attitudes to pain, one noted pain expert, Dr. John Sarno, says, ‘Accumulated anger is rage, and frightening, unconscious rage leads to the development of physical symptoms.’

While anger is  a common factor in perpetuating physical pain, other emotions may also be involved.

So chronic pain may not be inevitable…however long you’ve had it, and regardless of diagnosed cause.

But how can we get rid of stressful emotions?

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping) is an acupressure-and-mindfulness stress relief technique that is proving this ‘new’ reality, as pain sufferers around the world report their pain reducing or perhaps vanishing after EFT tapping.  Some of this tapping is DIY, some is done with the help of an EFT practitioner.

EFT is able to release stress and trauma effects from any time in an individual’s life, which frees up the nervous system, and its focussed acupressure calms the brain’s fear centre.  The method is gentle, safe, and faster than traditional methods.

An ‘evidence-based’ method

Science-backed, EFT tapping is acknowledged as an ‘evidence-based’ therapeutic practice by the conservative American Psychological Association.

One of many health professionals who use EFT, U.S. doctor Alain Seligman reports a remarkable case of success.  He says, ‘One of my patients with fibromyalgia began using EFT, and 7 weeks later was free of all symptoms, and remained so.’

(For new pain, see your doctor. Chronic pain is pain that has lasted for 12 weeks or more.)

‘Psychological acupressure’

EFT releases suffering by enabling people to release new or long-held emotions from mind and body, often in minutes, relevant to each case.  EFT is sometimes called  ’psychological acupressure’.

For dealing with chronic pain, it makes sense to first session with a professional EFT practitioner, in person or online, who can:

  • help you find the emotional blockage involved in your physical pain, and
  • tap its intensity down or entirely away, and will also
  • teach you how to apply tapping for yourself at a basic level 


‘How can I learn EFT tapping?”

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