If you really believe that life is meant to be hard – or that your emotional healing has to take forever — then EFT tapping is not for you.

Emotional Freedom Techniques is a drug-free, self-help healing aid that is faster and gentler than you might expect, for releasing stress of all kinds.

Take the case of Helen, a woman in middle life who had suffered from a build-up of anxiety for years, from a series of emotionally fraught events involving both primary relationships and her family. Whatever she did, she could not feel relaxed, even when she ‘relaxed’.

Helen had heard of good results from EFT tapping and came to me for a 1-hour session. While I guided her to begin tapping down her anxieties by tapping on her key meridian energy points (acupressure) while saying a few relevant words, Helen was learning to use the technique for herself, to relieve her stress.

Here is Helen’s feedback a week after that session:

‘I can’t believe how happy I am, after only one session!

‘I’m able to understand and forgive my Dad after sixty years. It was so profound, the impact I felt about my Dad, may he rest in peace.

‘And I usually keep to myself, but I’ve been out with friends for lunch, thinking, ‘What’s happening to me?’

‘But the best thing is, I can’t believe that after many years of waking each night at 2am, I’m now waking up at seven every morning.
‘I’ve been to doctors and therapists for years and never had results like this.’

Too good to be true?

Although Helen’s fast improvement might sound too good to be true, millions of people around the world have now discovered this 21st century healthcare technique.

But if you still want to believe that life was meant to be hard, stay away from EFT!


‘How can I learn EFT tapping?”

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