I’m going to tell you about something you’ve never been able to do before  — unless you’re one of the millions of people worldwide who are now using the acupressure technique Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT tapping for short.

You’ve heard of road rage, maybe you know it intimately.  There is also computer rage, package rage, sport rage, queue rage, gallery rage, laundromat rage, department store yearly sale rage… all of which have resulted in injury, or worse.

Many of us have no trouble turning on anger.  But being able to turn it off is quite a different matter. In the past, you’ve been stuck with that anger, until it wore out, or until you got diverted.   But the anger probably didn’t go away, it just went underground, into your own emotional basement.  Unresolved anger builds and builds, dangerously to health and even to other people.

Could you get angry right now?

OK, feeling irritated?  Now add some more of your personal peeves. ..   And then some more.

Let’s face it, you would have got angry pretty sooner or later anyway.  Getting angry (annoyed, cross, cheesed off, offended ) is a natural part of the human condition.  Something would have triggered you.  Then you might have growled at someone, or kicked a wall, or said or done something you would later regret, even bitterly.

Well — how handy would it be for you to have an OFF switch for your anger? Tapping can provide one.

Sadly, eventually some angry people go as far as to actually commit social atrocities on a world that enrages them.

What’s the answer?

What if – you could resolve your own anger in minutes, or even less?  Just have it fade away.

Impossible?  Not any longer.

I;m not talking about suppressing it, which is stuffing it down and pretending we don’t really feel angry.  This is violently unhealthy, because it won’t stay down.  It’s likely to eventually erupt, either against someone else, or against you in the form of illness.

EFT tapping is sometimes called acupressure for the emotions.  Instead of using needles as acupuncture does, you can fingertap on key energy release points on your face and body, in order to experience your anger coming down…coming down…and oops — where has it gone?  Angry?  No, I’m actually not!

Well, that only took a short time.  This is so amazing that you would probably have to experience it to believe it.

You can do that, by learning how to do the  repeatable 30-second tap-and-talk process that is the basis of EFT tapping’s multitude of uses as a healing aid stress reducer.

(By 2020 more than 100 scientific studies support EFT’s effectiveness.)

Long-held anger endangers your body

These days it’s clear from scientific research how frequent resentment or anger is likely to eventually harm you.  It degenerates your body.

This is particularly because such emotions create flows of toxic biochemicals throughout your body.  Feeling peaceful creates flows of healthful biochemicals throughout your body.  (See Why bother to feel grateful?‘)

Stress-related ailments account for up to 80% of ailments people take to doctors.  This includes arthritis, cancer, heart disease as well as much chronic pain.

But we can’t help our emotions!  They are natural.  They can take over.

Help!  What can we do?

How can we avoid the build-up of longstanding resentment or anger that may (or may not) be entirely justified?  The body doesn’t know or care whether we are right, it just reacts to our emotion.

EFT tapping is an answer to stress.  You can learn to do it for yourself, and/or you can have the services of the many EFT-qualified practitioners around the world.

Healing anger spontaneously makes room for a natural upsurge of relief and thankfulness – and these emotions come with their own upsurge of healing biochemicals.


‘How can I learn EFT tapping?”

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