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Who am I?  I’m a transformational coach, an EFT tapping trainer and practitioner.  I’m dedicated to helping people heal and thrive (and myself) through faster self-empowering and non-drug methods.

I’ve been privileged to do this over a few decades in various ways, and it’s exciting work.  I’ve assisted thousands of stressed people to improve their lives via natural therapies, around Australia and beyond, both in person, and also online through the marvels of ever-improving technology.

Being a holistic practitioner, trainer and educator is inspirational.

My Background

I grew up in Melbourne and Hobart, lived in Sydney, moved to Adelaide.  I worked as a journalist, photojournalist and beginning novelist (and mother, a full time job in itself!).

I came into the healing field after a huge personal crisis including divorce and empty nest syndrome.

When I recovered I wanted to offer to others those methods that had helped me, plus I’m always drawn to new healing approaches that work.

For 20 years I specialised in the leading-edge technique called holotropic breathwork, or in-depth rebirthing, for stress release and personal growth, as a practitioner then also a trainer.  Typically this type of breathwork is done with the client lying on a mattress and breathing in a particular way, supported by selected music and a trained breathworker.  I found it to be a marvellous natural healing technique. As well, I studied and worked with many other innovative examples of holistic therapy.

Then in 2005 I discovered on the Internet a new healing field called energy medicine, or Energy Psychology, starring another leading-edge technique called Emotional Freedom Techniques.   

‘Huh???  How could tapping on myself POSSIBLY change anything?’

What surprising benefits I found from tapping on myself!  I can tap away unnecessary fears, doubts, pain, sadness, guilts, angers.… often in minutes!


  • Author of ‘Tapping Your Troubles Away with EFT’
  • Contributing author U.S. textbook ‘Clinical EFT Handbook’, Vol. 1
  • Cert. EFT Master Trainer & Advanced Practitioner EFT INTERNATIONAL
  • Cert. Practitioner MATRIX REIMPRINTING with EFT
  • Cert. Practitioner Int-1, EFTUniverse
  • Cert. TAPPING OUT OF TRAUMA (2) (Dr, Craig Weiner)
  • Cert. Practitioner ALPHA REPATTERNING with EFT
  • Cert.  Psych-K Facilitator

Author of "tapping your troubles away with eft"

Annie’s book on EFT Tapping teaches you the basics in how to get the most out of this amazing method to immediately soothe both your energy system and your brain: your mind, body and spirit. READ MORE

Where does ‘energy’ come into it?

We don’t need to know this, to use tapping.  But for the curious, EFT’s selected tapping points are located along the body’s invisible meridian energy system, a fundamental of Chinese medicine for 3,000 years, but unfamiliar to Westerners… until recently. 

Scientists at Seoul University have now discovered, mapped and photographed what they say is the physical component of the meridian system.  This is a previously unknown network of tissue and liquid within all of us, which they have named  the ‘primo vascular system’. They claim this discovery explains the ‘chi’ or ‘ki’ energy that is invisible to most of us.

How EFT happened for me

I tried EFT; actually while I was having a breathwork session; actually at a moment when I was physically in touch with the memory of a traumatic episode of being ill-treated as a baby.  I tapped through the basic EFT routine a few times, and within 3 minutes the nausea and the memory and body sensations vanished, I was calm – and I was done with that trauma.  Its effects were neutralised.

I felt this change happened just a few minutes faster than it would have happened through breathwork.  But another plus was the tapping could have taken place anywhere, not just on a breathwork mattress in a healing room. What an amazingly portable and effective tool to offer people. I was hooked!

I immediately learned all I could about EFT tapping, which was developed by U.S. engineer Gary Craig in the mid-Nineties.  I tapped a lot,  and I changed my practice to specialise in EFT. More and more people came along to try it, and often came back for deeper changes.  It’s my pleasure to keep on learning more and more about this amazing healing aid. 

So what’s the common factor in such a huge range of diverse problems?... Stress.

All EFT does is to remove different kinds of stress blockages, to free up potential natural good energy flow. 

‘Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.’

-Albert Einstein 

No wonder I was hooked, this is exciting.

Scientific studies

EFT does not diagnose or offer cures.  It complements medical, psychological, and natural therapy treatments.  More than 100 scientific studies have been published on EFT already, and they demonstrate its  effectiveness to 98%. 

I love mysteries.  Experienced tappers are detectives with our clients.  We search the mystery of you… of what is the quickest , safest and gentlest way to uncover and eliminate whatever is holding you back.  We are often successful, and we teach you to help yourself too, to calm everyday stresses for yourself, your family, friends, neighbours – even your pets.

See my Testimonials page here, for private sessions and groups. 


In my spare time?  Like millions of other people, I love being in Nature… love the company of friends… love music and reading and good movies. Oh, and I’m fascinated by documentaries on human exploration beyond Earth, in this mind-boggling universe of 2,000 billion galaxies (at least, according to Hubble)…

Inspiring Words

Favourite Quotes of Mine

We are the curators of opportunity.

Alicia Sometimes


These pains you feel are messengers.  Listen to them.


13th century Persian poet, scholar, mystic.

We are Beings, in a school for Gods, learning — in slow motion — the consequences of thought.

Brugh Joy

M.D. who gave up his medical practice to become a spiritual teacher

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