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Who am I?  I’m a facilitator dedicated to helping other people heal and thrive (and myself!), through self-empowering and non-drug methods.

I’ve been privileged to do this over a few decades in various ways, and it’s exciting work.  I’ve assisted thousands of stressed people to improve their lives, around Australia and beyond, through natural therapies, both in person and online.  Being a practitioner, trainer and educator is inspirational.

My Background

I was a journalist, photojournalist, novelist before I entered the healing field after a huge personal life crisis including divorce.

When I recovered I wanted to offer to others those methods that had helped me — plus I’m always alert to new exploratory healing approaches.

For twenty years I specialized in the leading-edge technique called holotropic rebirthing, or breathwork, as a practitioner and then a trainer.  I also studied and worked with many other innovative healing techniques.

Then in 2008 I discovered another leading-edge technique, called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping) on the Internet.  I tried it – went ‘Wow!’ – and changed my direction to specialize in this.

Why?  Because evidence-based EFT works faster, is easier and more accessible to the general public, with similar high goals to other healing techniques… but most importantly because it also enables me to teach people to help themselves.  Once you’ve learned basic tapping, it’s a healing aid that goes wherever you go.

I’m also in awe of EFT’s deeper transformational abilities at practitioner level; especially its unique trauma healing techniques.  These have accomplished amazing results, even with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which has no official cure.

However, trauma healing requires expertise and we recommend that you don’t attempt this on your own because beginners don’t have the necessary skills to avoid re-traumatisation.   You can find qualified EFT practitioners – including me —  on www.eftinternational.org  .)

Like millions of other people, I love being in Nature… love the company of friends… love music and reading and good movies.

  • Author of ‘Tapping Your Troubles Away with EFT’
  • Contributing author U.S. textbook ‘Clinical EFT Handbook’, Vol. 1
  • Cert. EFT Master Trainer & Advanced Practitioner EFT INTERNATIONAL
  • Cert. Practitioner MATRIX REIMPRINTING with EFT
  • Cert. Practitioner Int-1, EFTUniverse
  • Cert. TAPPING OUT OF TRAUMA (2) (Dr, Craig Weiner)
  • Cert. Practitioner ALPHA REPATTERNING with EFT
  • Cert.  Psych-K Facilitator
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