Meet Annie

When you clear away stress, pain and limitations, it’s like clearing shadows from around a light. You can see and be more of who you really are.

EFT tapping

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping) is a new way to reach personal peace.  I love that it can be fast, it’s safe, gentle and powerful – and that you can easily learn to do it yourself at a basic level (or study at higher levels). Correct tapping techniques clear away barriers right down to DNA level, starting in a first session.

As an energy practitioner I help people transform the energy structures that underlie disruptive emotions, mindsets, and physical pain or symptoms.  This is how this natural therapy relieves conditions of personal difficulty, longstanding or new. It’s how people begin empowering themselves.

I see that often, as we heal our emotional difficulties, often our physical health improves too. A wealth of modern scientific research into EFT proves this.

I’m a practitioner, master trainer, group leader, educator and writer in the field of in-depth healing and growth in Australia. I’ve worked with thousands of people over more than 30 years.  Since 2005 I’ve specialised in Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Relieve suffering and limitation

I teach people EFT through using it to relieve suffering and limitation, and to embrace transformation, via:

  • Private sessions in my Adelaide-based practice (South Australia)
  • Private sessions nationally and internationally via Skype or Zoom
  • AAMET INTERNATIONAL training workshops in Levels 1, 2 and 3 in Adelaide
  • EFT Practitioner courses
  • Occasional focussed classes
  • Occasional Tapping Retreats

I publish a free monthly e-newsletter giving EFT tips, and EFT local and worldwide news.

Why is Annie a healing facilitator?

My own healing path has led me to want to share with others some powerful methods that have helped me.

I moved into the non-drug healing field from a background as journalist, novelist and radio playwright (and wife and mother), through needing to heal myself from a lifetime of emotional hurts.

Life really opened up then. Self care has been an ongoing practice for me for years.

Following a Near Death Experience,  a lot of emotional problems throughout my life, and a midlife divorce, I began to learn to facilitate healing for myself.  I was drawn to “new paradigm” holistic methods, involving mind, body, emotions, spirit.

Initially I couldn’t understand why parts of ourselves seem to work against us — to influence

our behaviour, make us sick, hold us back in spite of what we know we want… good health, great relationships, fulfilling life experiences…

I learned early that willpower alone can’t fix many problems. It runs out. And I found that most of our self sabotage operates secretly, at a subconscious level – like software programs in a computer.

I’m passionate about holistic energy healing. Energy = physics, so it’s beyond New Age.  EFT tapping involves healing through clearing blocks in our emotional and mental inner environment, also in our physical body  — and boosting our natural strengths — in various easy, natural ways. .

Founder of EFT, Gary Craig, says that EFT is a foundation for spiritual connection. I have found this to be so. I’m grateful to be working with techniques that typically work so well on all the levels that make us humans up.

New science discoveries such as the new biology and epigenetics, as well as quantum science, neuroscience and more, support the principles that drive new holistic healing methods such as EFT.

After all, Albert Einstein told us a hundred years ago that absolutely everything in the universe is energy.  This includes us and our bodies.

For some reason, mainstream Western healing methods have not incorporated this truth.

Annie on world healing

I see that guiding individuals to continually feel better and to free up their potentials contributes to their inner peace – and so to world peace.

As each of us radiates more light, happiness and effectiveness in the world, our raised consciousness spreads more influence. Could this be our shared life purpose on Earth – to bring more light and peace into humanity’s dark areas?

Yet healing is not the end, it is a step on the path to awakening. The deeper journey is into the realms of spiritual opening and consciousness expansion, nurturing humanity’s higher evolution.

In this 21st century we are blessed to have wonderful new healing avenues to use for this vital inner work — tools which have not been available on this planet until recent years.  I see EFT as the most accessible and the most effective of these at present.


Happy tapping!

International Qualifications

  • AAMET INTERNATIONAL Accredited Certified EFT Master Trainer & Advanced Practitioner (UK)
  • EFTUniverse Intermediate Certified EFT Practitioner-1 (USA)
  • Matrix Reimprinting with EFT Certified Practitioner (UK, Australia)
  • Alpha Repatterning with EFT Certified Practitioner (Australia)


Other qualifications

Diploma Rebirthing and Transpersonal Psychodynamics, Diploma Rebirthing, Diploma Advanced Transpersonal Psychodynamics, Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy, Certificate Psychodynamic Massage, Reiki 2. Member   International Institute of Complementary Therapists, Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques

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