Using EFT tapping for personal business success has a growing number of business professionals around the world doing something extraordinary to quickly change their state of mind and body towards higher success.

They are learning to tap on themselves to release subconscious blocks to becoming wealthier. This unlikely yet proven practice has hit business and entrepreneur news sites and blogs in recent years.

Emotional Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT tapping, uses acupressure on acupuncture points combined with simple self-talk to create emotional, mental and even physical shifts in record time.

‘According to many tapping students, EFT has resulted in bigger thinking, more action, stronger financial states, career growth and increased satisfaction with life,’ wrote Brian Horn in a recent edition of the Huffington Post.

‘I feel silly -‘

However silly the practice sounds, he added,  prestigious organisations  such as the American Psychological Association  and many prominent doctors, psychiatrists, even neurologists endorse EFT’s legitimacy.

So do more than 100 scientific studies.  One of these shows that one hour of tapping with an experienced mentor lowers a person’s stress hormone cortisol by a whopping 24% .

Another study, from Harvard Medical School research, shows that acupressure calms the brain’s fear centre, the amygdala.

Money stresses fade

The challenge of earning more money and creating true wealth triggers more anxiety, fear, frustration and limiting beliefs than almost any other thing in life.

This is the problem tackled by Margaret Lynch, author of ‘Tapping Into Wealth’, and one of the leading business coaches interviewed by Brian.

‘Until we see and address this on the inside, our income and wealth will always be mysteriously and frustratingly limited,’ Margaret says.

‘Tapping is a fast and amazingly simple technique that can clear away even a lifetime habit of self doubt, fear, insecurity and self sabotage, leaving one more resourceful, positive, creative, and in a word, happy.

‘This is where tapping enhances and facilitates the traits of positive thinking, courage, creativity and passion commonly exhibited by the most highly successful people.’

‘Would tapping work for me?’

As an EFT practitioner and trainer, I constantly see my clients and students go from strength to strength – from feeling blocked and underperforming to more solid success, often in business – as they gently and quickly neutralise past conditioning that has been holding them back.

Yet tapping is still so new to most people that it’s natural to ask, ‘Would this really work for me?’

I’ll give Brian the last word.  He says, ‘Ask any sports coach.  They’ll tell you about how much of success is “the mental game”…’


‘How can I learn EFT tapping?”

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