Performance Issues

Top athletes are discovering EFT internationally. Whole sports teams have improved their scores through EFT tapping on both mindset and mobility.
Businesses are finding out how their sales and performance results can be improved after EFT coaching for individuals or teams.

Tapping for better performance!

What is it you do, that you want to improve?

  • Public speaking
  • Business performance (sales, interviews, public speaking)
  • Stagework
  • Sports
  • Driving
  • Study (exam nerves, comprehension)
  • Other

How can tapping help you perform better?

 Whenever you want to perform at a higher, enjoyable level –it’s all about stress. It’s about the hidden stresses you are carrying that are subtly undermining your best efforts.

  • Perhaps you know what at least some of these blocks are.
  • Perhaps you don’t know the extent of the blockages, because some are subconscious.

EFT techniques identify and gently clear away mindset blocks, and hidden emotional discomforts. They relieve inner ‘scars’ from previous performance events that you would rather not remember!  (Exams?  School concerts? Cold calling?) These techniques can also enable you to expand body mobility, as in sports.

When your mind, heart, body and spirit are totally aligned to your important goal – you’re zooming free ! Make your life easier!

Annie, your work is wonderful! Annie quickly identified some past traumas which were holding me back from expressing myself, and in my session she proceeded with EFT to quickly help me to overcome my blocks. I was so excited. Now I enjoy my public speaking, and it is so much better. EFT is such a big part of my life, thank you.
Sean Dinham, Seminar Presenter

I’d like to inform you that EFT is working. I’ve had to drive a few times now at night, in the rain, with the car full of people – all conditions I normally felt very uncomfortable and anxious about. But not any more.
Jill Groot, Housewife

I’m dumbfounded. I couldn’t face that mountain of study reports, I couldn’t even understand them. Yesterday I started on them. They are simple!
Freda Simmons, Biology Student

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