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New scientific understandings about the connections between emotional and physical problems are borne out in experience by EFT tappers. Once you have reduced or removed relevant emotional stresses, your body can often rebalance itself and accelerate healing, as physical ailments such as headaches or back pains start to fade.

Back pain, arthritic pain, knee pain, body pain, dental problems, heart palpitations, neck pain, soreness, autoimmune disorders, fibromyalgia, infertility, pain relief, physical health, sleep issues, weight loss, wellness. Click on each issue to read the story.

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(EFT is a stress relief aid. Modern research shows that emotional stress contributes up to 85% to many physical ailments. EFT does not replace competent medical treatment so please consult your doctor on medical matters.)

Here is what a few clients have said about their Physical Relief from EFT

Back pain “After our session the pain in my back has almost completely disappeared! I believe that the pain is connected to my sister, as we discussed this morning. I feel that I have released the guilt and healing has taken over.” Anna Edwards, homemaker

Neck pain “I’m in Annie’s 6-week EFT evening class, and  I’ve suffered from neck pain and stiffness for many, many years. I started wondering if this problem could be connected with two road accidents I was in, one 25 years ago, one 30 years ago.  So I spent a couple of hours at home tapping about this, and my neck pain disappeared, and now I can easily turn my head a lot more in both directions!   I feel very grateful to EFT, and it’s a real privilege to be part of your group, Annie.” Laraine Godley, retired

Painful walking ”I got more out of 6 EFT sessions with Annie than out of 10 years with a psychiatrist.   Using EFT to release the built-up stress of bad experiences in the past — problems I thought I had forgotten — has helped reduce pain and stress levels.
‘Pain levels for many of the issues tackled were reduced to zero. I am now able to walk almost twice as far before pain levels start to rise.   It is my choice to continue this work by myself now.” Ivor Tanner, retired

Jaw ache ”All my life whenever I had to speak in public or perform in any way or prove myself, I would have a terrible ache in my jaw, that would last a day or so. Through working with Annie with EFT I recognised that it came from a childhood need…connected with authority figures. After one session,  I’ve since given many presentations and no aching jaw!” Rosalind Martin, social presenter

Fall ”I had a bad cycling fall, and EFT has really helped me heal and cope with all the emotional issues which come with such injuries, as well as the obvious physical problems!’ Molly Langley, cyclist

Car accident ”A week before Annie’s EFT Workshop I was driving my car when it was hit by a truck. Apart from some neck stiffness I was unharmed.   But the experience really shook me.By the end of the workshop, through all the tapping I’d been doing, the irrational fears about getting hit, and anxiety about traveling in cars, were gone – a huge relief.” Joyce Connolly, librarian

‘Leaky gut’ syndrome, allergies “Since our session on my leaky gut syndrome, I find I can eat many more foods. I couldn’t eat sourdough bread at all, now I can eat it daily. Some of my allergies have cleared up too.’ Nick Hartley, pilot

Reflux ”I suffer from reflux, it can go on for hours if I don’t take a tablet. When someone offered me some luxury ice cream I ate it, but got reflux. Instead of tablets I tried EFT, and the reflux was all gone in half an hour.” Kylie Foster, retired

Damaged eye ”My left eye has been much better since that EFT on Saturday. I would never have made the connection between the mishap with the dog as being related to something very much deeper, but it makes perfect sense.” Allan Drake, gardener

Arm mobility  A man’s arms were so painful that he could raise them only to shoulder height. In his first session after twenty minutes of EFT, he easily raised them high above his head as normal.

Painful walking A woman tried an EFT session for pain and stiffness in her hips and legs, that inhibited walking. She’d tried various treatments for this over three years. At the end of the hour and a half session, all symptoms had vanished and she walked free.

Bone-on-bone knee pain “I had to give up my masseuse and retail work because I could not stand or walk for long because of escalating arthritis pain in a knee,  I went back to work after one tapping session, where I let go of some long-held anger. I had not been able to bend one leg for six months, but during the session the leg relaxed. I left Annie’s consulting room walking normally.”  Delrae Schofield, massage therapist

Neck pain A woman rang to cancel her EFT session “because I’ve had a bad neck pain for a week.” Asked if she would like to try some EFT “now, over the phone”, she said yes. After tapping one round while saying a sentence about the problem, she was amazed when her pain dissolved. She kept her appointment.

Knee pain At an EFT demonstration for a meditation group, a woman with a longstanding pain in a knee tapped it away. Days later she reported, “Yesterday I found I was holding a baby on my knee at an awkward angle and it STILL didn’t hurt!”

I must write to let you know that since the sessions we had, not only  have I had a lot of emotional relief but it’s been physical as well.  After tapping away years of stuff with my brother and his recent indifference to my exciting news, I’ve literally felt lighter and brighter each day.

‘The second double session to dump decades of ” hardship/ struggle” manifesting in the worst lack of support at university last year has literally taken layers off my skin and ” stuff” out of my gut.  I know you will not think it unusual to hear that my skin has suddenly cleared up after years of literally stuff “under my skin” and my bowel movements rapidly increased and are now regular again and normal. 

‘This is a wonderful thing, this EFT!!   When I find little things bothering me, I tap away and change my attitude before it takes hold.  Practice makes perfect indeed!

Sally Norman

Medical Assistant

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