Private sessions


Online or in-person

You can learn basic EFT through one or more private consultations with Annie, in person or by phone, so that you have someone to teach you, demonstrate and to answer your questions on  a personal, one-to-one basis. At the same time, you may have EFT assistance for personal problems.

Via Skype, phone worldwide or in person (Adelaide, Australia)

Concession pricing is available to those who have proof of concession.

Your investment:
1-hour session $AUD 150 (concession $AUD 120)
90-minute session $AUD 200 (concession $AUD 170)
2-hour session $AUD 250 (concession $AUD 220)
(For savings, see Freedom Breakthrough Packages)


What people say :

Lorraine:  ‘It’s amazing how helpful these tapping processes are.  I used to hate myself and often felt suicidal, but I don’t since having a few sessions with Annie.  I feel emotional burdens lifting with each session, it’s incredible.’

Philippa: ‘Six months ago I started tapping sessions with Annie about getting the job I wanted.  I felt pessimistic for various reasons.  Two months ago we used tapping with the affirmation “I love being in my perfect work now, and I deserve it!”  Yesterday the firm unexpectedly offered it to me and I took it!  I’m so excited!”

Shirley:  ‘I’ve labored all my life to improve my reading disability.  I get each word’s meaning, and then it’s gone. So embarrassing. But at the end of my first tapping session when Annie asked me to read a paragraph aloud, I just zoomed in and read it aloud! And understood it!  After the session I read a whole child’s book aloud to my husband.  This tapping is fantastic!’

Sue:  ‘In these few tapping sessions I am finding ME, that’s a huge deal.  I am calmer, clearer, more empowered.  I’ve just been able to make a huge decision I had been putting off, and I’m feeling massive relief.’

Philomena:  ‘Since I had a consult with you many years ago, I still use the tapping technique.  I find it very calming, especially tapping on the insides of my fingers, which calms me a lot in various situations of life and travel.  It’s nice to be able to tell friends about this method too if they are in a stressful situation.’

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