Sunday, October 13, 1pm – 4pm : ‘Tap Your Worries Away’

$60.00 $50.00

Sunday, October 13: ‘Tap Your Worries Away’

Living with constant anxieties interferes with enjoying your life. If this has become a habit, or if you have only one big worry, come along and learn how to relax in minutes.

EFT tapping (focused acupressure) goes wherever you go, once you have learned a few basics.  Although we can try to use willpower to turn our worries off, that’s a big ask.  There is an easier way, that also involves reducing the stress effects on your body, and it’s easy to learn the basics.   When this works for you,  you might even aim for stress-free living by following up this workshop with EFT weekend training, to achieve even more change for the better.  Millions of people worldwide are tapping their worries away right this minute… and millions more need to know about it.


with EFT Advanced Practitioner and Master Trainer Annie O’Grady

Venue310 South Terrace (near Hutt St.) 1st Floor Room 4
Booking by prepayment is necessary as numbers are limited
Refreshments and takeaway literature provided.
Workshop investment: $60
Discount for Early Bird booking/payment by 2 full weeks before each workshop date: $10 (This way you can reserve your place for any of the year’s workshops)


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