Rape is not often discussed, is it?  Either in public, or among friends?  Yet it’s a common crime.

Being raped often affects a victim for the rest of life, in destructive and limiting ways. While rape statistics are high, because of victims’ fears and shame rape is seriously under-reported, leaving rapists free to violate again.

But — does a person who has been raped need to continually feel like a victim, although he or she actually has been a victim?

EFT offers fast, gentle trauma relief

People who have been raped don’t even need to tell their story, to experience change for the better through a tapping session with a qualified EFT practitioner, because Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping) contains a method that alleviates suffering yet respects privacy.

Or the person can talk and tap if desired, to eliminate trauma effects from the whole being, probably in one or two sessions, depending on the severity of the situation.

When carried out thoroughly, EFT tapping creates peace in the body’s electromagnetic energy system, where instant change can occur, and also in the brain’s fear centre.  Followup from many of the more than 100 scientific studies already conducted on the method show that EFT results are typically lasting when the process is done correctly.

If tapping touch is not acceptable to a rape victim, the method has ways to avoid actual touch.

EFT tapping is an apparently simple technique of acupressure-and-mindfulness, for stress relief.  It is a leader in the field of Energy Psychology.

Words alone don’t reach the wounds of the body

After such a trauma, someone can be the recipient of lots of well-meaning words, from family, friends, counsellors.  Words can illumine and inspire, as do the words in some books.  Yet alone, words seldom change anything. They don’t reach the body, or the original shock that remains in the body after any trauma.

Shock settles in the body, whether it’s from rape, accident, or even from being diagnosed with a severe illness. EFT tapping can clear out its effects, recent or old. Medical studies acknowledge that unresolved shock effects can lead to serious illness.

Healing outcomes

As an EFT coach, my first task is to guide a client to tap away shock from both body and memory. People still remember the event but don’t react emotionally to it.

Another outcome is assisting the victim to move into an empowering change of mind.  We do this by releasing both stress emotions and stressful mental consequences of assault.

  • What are the emotions generated by rape and its aftereffects?  Let’s release shame, anger, betrayal, self-hate, fears, guilt and the rest.
  • ‘What decisions did you make about yourself, others, life itself because you were raped?  Perhaps you’re deeply convinced that you’re dirty, or helpless, or worthless.  Are these thoughts serving you now, or burdening you? Would you like to tap them away to automatically adopt better beliefs?’


Even I have been sometimes surprised at how quickly rape effects can leave a person’s system through tapping.  In a first session, one woman came into my client room as a rape victim with ten years of suffering. She was not only burdened by daily intrusive thoughts, flashbacks of the trauma, and continuing physical ill health, but  also by having become obese since the attack.

The rape had occurred when she was ill and had gone for help to a physical practitioner whom she’d trusted.  While she lay on his table he raped her twice.  She had been unable to even try to defend herself.  Ever since, hardly a day had passed when she didn’t recall something unpleasant about the rape, and how dirty it still made her feel.

Within her first and only EFT tapping session with me, in an hour of tapping she went from a bout of hysterical weeping that overtook her as she described the event —  to actually by the end of the session bursting out laughing about her ten years of hell.

Not everyone’s trauma vanishes so fast, but fast relief is not uncommon with this leading-edge Energy Psychology method. 

‘How can I learn EFT tapping?”

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