A study published in Psychosomatic Medicine reports that people experiencing negative emotions are more likely to become ill when exposed to a cold virus than people who generally experience positive emotions.

However, although we are told there is no cure for the common cold, people who are exploring the enormous potential of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) report that they now have a way out of this whole cycle.

What is EFT?

EFT is a self-help technique involving fingertapping on specific parts of your face and body. This balances your body’s acupuncture meridian energy system. The consequences of doing this while focussing on a specific personal problem can amaze you. EFT is a stress relief process which offers unusual benefits:

1. EFT tapping enables you to manage your emotions as you’ve never been able to before. So if you’re feeling down, you can get to feeling better, probably quickly.

2. EFT gives you a good chance of banishing a variety of body discomforts, such as sore throats, coughs, nasal congestion and low energy.

3.  EFT trauma-informed practitioner assistance can gently and safely neutralise deeper causes of feeling bad, such as adverse childhood experiences, which are now known to commonly have serious effects on health even up to  half a century later (ACEs study).

What you can do with tapping 

Just one of EFT’s uses can be to neutralise colds. Thousands of people who have learned the simple basic process of EFT tap away one cold or sinus symptom at a time. The tapping process takes about thirty seconds and may need to be repeated several times.

While you start tapping, you state your intent, for example, ‘Even though my nose is running, I accept myself.’ As you go on with focus on the symptom, you’re like to find that its intensity lowers, or it disappears.

Two cases

1. For example, U. S. natural health expert and EFT advocate Dr. Joseph Mercola tells of one success (doing the above) that took 5 minutes. His application of tapping cleared a sinus condition that had kept his 9-year-old girl patient in hospital for a week, loaded with antibiotics.

However, EFT beginners may take longer, as they tap alone without EFT practitioner assistance on colds and flu symptoms. (Please consult your doctor on all medical matters.)

2. A woman whose energy had been drained by sinus problems for 25 years applied EFT tapping on herself daily for weeks. She tapped with various approaches to clear her sinuses, such as on negative emotions and beliefs, yet she experienced little change.

This woman told of her experiences on the major EFT website www.eftuniverse.com . She wrote of suffering sinus problems since she was a child: restricted breathing, continuous drainage, severe difficulty sleeping. In frustration she gave up tapping for her sinus improvement. Weeks later she realised that she was waking up in the mornings able to breathe easier. Now she rates her sinus improvement at 75% — through only EFT tapping. These days she’s really excited about her life.

How to boost low energy

EFT founder Gary Craig, has witnessed many people’s energy rising as a result of tapping.

He says, ‘This is to be expected, of course, because our emotional conflicts (until they are relieved) are a bigtime drain on our resources.

‘Thus when tapping relieves our fears, guilt, angers, etcetera, the result freedom shows up as elevated energy. Witnessing this is one of the joys we (in EFT) are privileged to experience.’

In the early days of EFT’s development, in the mid-1990s, EFT users who targetted uncomfortable emotions reported bonus effects such as a decrease in stress levels, an increase in overall wellbeing – and having fewer colds and allergies.

Gary recalls, ‘(Then) we began targeting physical symptoms with EFT, and the results were astounding.’

One billion colds every year

Having a cold can be more than a personal problem.  Colds and flu affect the economy. To take just one nation – Americans suffer an estimated one billion colds each year – and so miss 150 million work days annually.

This  do-it-yourself approach to acupressure provides a means for you, and your immune system, to become happier and healthier. An important part of this can be to neutralise colds and flu symptoms.

Please consult your doctor on all medical matters.  And you might tell your doctor that the American Psychological Association already accepts clinical EFT as an ‘evidence-based’ method for stress relief.


‘How can I learn EFT tapping?”

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