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EFT has a wide variety of uses to help yourself and others


Physical Relief

New scientific understandings about the connections between emotional and physical problems are borne out in experience by EFT tappers. Once you have reduced or removed relevant emotional stresses, your body can often rebalance itself and accelerate healing, as physical ailments such as headaches or chronic pain starts to fade. Read the amazing client stories.

Emotional Healing

Countless people report relief from fears and phobias such as fear of public speaking or of flying, relationship problems, illness stress, anger, anxiety and depression, grief, as well as improvement in reading difficulties, business and sports performance, and more… including helping troubled

pets. While there is no guarantee of improvement, EFT usually works reliably if it is done thoroughly. Complex problems take persistence.

Trauma Clearing

EFT is fast becoming a leading-edge technique with healthcare practitioners for safe and fast trauma clearing. Its techniques clear old traumas gently, cleanly and thoroughly in one or two sessions, sometimes less.

Thousands of U.S. war veterans suffering Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder have now experienced prolonged relief through EFT application, although PTSD has no official cure.  Some professionals are calling it the most effective trauma treatment in the world today.  International aid workers take EFT into disaster areas , from earthquake to tsunami to war zones. They are able to help groups of traumatized people, including children, quickly recover from shock and terror, with the aim of avoiding post traumatic stress disorder.

EFT Global is a new non-profit organisation starting to do this in a larger way. You too can experience healing of past or present shock, terror and trauma, with this simple technique. If you currently believe that ‘you can’t ever get over these things, you just get resigned to them,’  you could amaze yourself with EFT.

Performance Issues

Top athletes are discovering EFT internationally. Whole sports teams have improved their scores through EFT tapping on both mindset and mobility.

Businesses are finding out how their sales and performance results can be improved after a session of EFT training.

EFT has been, and continues to be, a huge help with my overwhelming grief for the recent death of my little grandson in a terrible car accident that also resulted in other family members spending considerable time in hospital.
Two months after the accident the grief was still too much to bear. After my first EFT session I was able to talk about what happened without crying. After a few more sessions I feel I am not trapped nor overcome by the grief any more. I am able to tap through the grief faster to leave me feeling much calmer and therefore able to take care of a number of other urgent family concerns. I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I am in a much more peaceful state. I know that I can also use tapping on any other problems. I have to thank my friend who recommended tapping.


Annie is a one-in-a-million inspiring woman, not only does she have the skills to teach, but she also has the skills to put EFT into practice for her clients. So on both accounts I would recommend a session with Annie, to clear any past blockages and or also attend one of her EFT Training courses. Claire

I’m from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I work with Annie O’Grady via Skype. She is intuitive, compassionate and a wonderful EFT practitioner and teacher. Together we effectively neutralized many levels of sexual trauma, battery, chronic pain, severe PTSD. EFT works and Annie’s a good guide. Alesia

Annie has helped me with many issues using EFT tapping. She has transformed my life by working with my childhood trauma, pain relief and anxiety issues. I continue to consult her as she is the best in the business! Richard

I’m a science teacher, so I was very sceptical of EFT tapping at first.  If you’d said six months ago that I would be tapping on myself to feel better, I would have thought you were mad.  But I was very stressed, and my sister thought EFT would do me good, so I tried it.  EFT is incredibly calming.  It’s excellent.  It has straightened out serious issues of conflict, loss and indecision for me, after only 5 sessions.  And I now have a strategy to cope with daily stress myself. Anthony

Annie is a master practitioner. EFT has enabled me to move past things that have held me back my entire life. If you are looking for lasting change that translates to your experience of life then you must work with Annie. She makes it fun and gets results!!! Highly recommended. Adrienne

Annie is a very highly experienced Practitioner and I have had fantastic results seeing her for the past year. She uses many different techniques in her sessions and has a huge set of skills to use to help her clients. EFT is so easy and simple and you learn the technique during your sessions to use at home or whenever you need to. I can highly recommend Annie for anyone with any issues that they would like to let go of, addictions, anxiety, chronic pain, illnesses, family issues and so on. It is much more gentle and easy than counselling … Naomi

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