Some people can snore at the sound level of a jackhammer, to 80 decibels! True, according to medical scientist Sandy Weeks. How does a partner sleep through that?

Even softer snoring can keep other people awake. Although snoring is often seen as a joke, it can be a serious impediment to a close relationship, and/or to the sleep of people who sleep nearby.

(Plus, the snorer may not really believe they DO snore, because they sleep through  it.)

What remedies?

If you’ve been told you snore, or if you are troubled by someone else’s snoring, you can try remedies ranging from:

– gadgets to wear on the face

– sewing a tennis ball in the back of nightwear to avoid the snorer sleeping on his or her back

– exercises by the snorer to tighten the muscles responsible for snoring, such as clenching a wooden spoon between the teeth for five minutes a day

– or, you might like to try a simpler way first, such as EFT tapping, which helps many couples with this problem.

An EFT suggestion

Here’s one suggestion — try using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping) on the problem.

Before sleep, the snorer says aloud while tapping on the side of the hand, ‘Even though I snore, I accept myself,’ or ‘Even though I expect to snore tonight, I choose instead to sleep silently and peacefully.’ The Reminder phrase for the acupoint tapping rounds is ‘I snore.’

Say this a few times.

(Newcomers who don’t understand why a tapper would affirm that he or she snores may not realise that with EFT tapping, we say what we want to get rid of.)

If self-tapping does not help, consider taking the problem to an EFT practitioner.

You may also take the problem to a doctor, as snoring can be associated with serious ailments.


‘How can I learn EFT tapping?”

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