How do you react to stress?  Do you even know if you’re stressed?  How can you tell?

People react differently to stress.  One person may obviously look gloomy.  Another person just as stressed can appear bright and smiling – yet her/his faculties are slower, s/he has mysterious body pain, s/he has to cancel going out with friends because of low energy.  These are danger signs.

As layers of stress accumulate within us, we keep adjusting, so that we probably feel ‘normal’.  Sometimes we become very aware that we are stressed, as in burnout.  Ultimately, stress can be a killer.

But there is good news.  After you read about these 4 simple signposts of too much stress, you’ll get to it.

4 signposts of stress

U.S. business coach Margaret M. Lynch outlines the clues.

You are seriously stressed, she says, if:

#1 Your mental abilities have changed – you have more difficulty concentrating,  making decisions is difficult, you see life more negatively, worry more than you used to.

#2  Your emotions have changed – you’re more moody, irritable, agitated, angry, unable to relax, may feel overwhelmed

#3  You have new physical symptoms – perhaps body aches and pains, bowel problems, nausea, dizziness, chest pains, rapid heartbeat, lots of colds and flu, loss of sex drive

#4  Your behaviours have changed – do you eat or sleep too much or too little, shut yourself away, procrastinate or neglect life’s responsibilities, have to use alcohol, cigarettes or drugs to relax?

How can you dissolve this stress ?

OK, here’s the good news.  Margaret shares it as ‘…one of the simplest and most effective techniques I’ve ever found for eliminating stress in minutes.’

She’s talking about Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as EFT tapping, also known as ‘psychological acupuncture without the needles.’  It is a science-based life management tool like no other.

Tapping calms brain and body quickly

EFT is a self-help fingertap technique that calms your  brain and body quickly, through focussed acupressure –  according to Harvard Medical School research.  You can easily learn how to tap on specific acupuncture points (no needles) on your head and upper body, while you focus briefly on one problem at a time. But calming stress is just the start.

Tapping can stop the downward spiral.

EFT tapping can not only lessen obvious stress symptoms.   Its experienced practitioners can also use it to :

  • neutralise the deep-seated causes of your particular stressload
  • to elevate the way you feel about your life, with new possibilities
  • to eliminate mindset or emotional blocks that prevent you from reaching peak performance in whatever you’re good at, or want to be  (whether that’s sports or stagework or business or creative performance)…
  • and more…
  • EFT tapping  can even mend broken hearts.

Margaret Lynch teaches people to apply tapping for business and prosperity problems.

A short course of EFT tapping could change your life for the better, as countless people around the world report, while at the same time you learn to tap any new troubles away yourself, daily.

As an EFT practitioner and trainer, I deal with a constant stream of stressed people, and I have to say the word I hear most often from them during and after a session, is ‘amazing’.

Why stay stressed?  Try EFT.


‘How can I learn EFT tapping?”

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