Sunday 3-hour Tapping Workshops, 2020: 1pm-4pm

Come along and tap – and bring a problem or two!  These small-group workshops for stress relief  teach you how to start feeling better immediately.  Your privacy is respected and/or you’re welcome to share if you wish.  After this brief tuition and practice among like-minded others, and with takeaway leaflets, you will be able to start using EFT tapping daily for yourself at a basic level.

‘Tapping Away Anxiety and Worry’

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Do you often worry?  Do you worry about how much you worry?  Would you like to have a simple way to start melting away worries?  At this workshop you’ll learn and practise this amazing process, and you’ll receive an information sheet afterwards reminding you how to do it.  You’re not alone in your stress.  Anxiety is way up there in world statistics as a major health problem around the globe.  More and more health practitioners are recommending EFT tapping as a solution for anxiety, both for working with an EFT practitioner to gently clear away deep-seated stresses, and for using it yourself at a basic daily level.  Tapping works!

‘Tapping to Stop Procrastinating’

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Everyone puts things off sometimes, for no apparent reason – but some of us make a habit of it, and that’s a worry.  Staying stuck is stressful.  There is an easy way out, and you can learn it at this workshop – so you could start moving on immediately.  Bring along any procrastinating problem you’re having right now.  You will share only if you’re comfortable doing that – but regardless, everyone gets opportunity to tap away their stuckness.  And you’ll have a handout on the process, so you can tap again if you procrastinate in future.

Here’s a bonus:  once you know why you’re stuck, and also once you have a tool to get you unstuck, maybe you won’t need to waste time procrastinating in future…

‘Tapping to Ease Chronic Pain’

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Chronic pain is pain you’ve had for more than 12 weeks.  Some people have lived with this horror for years or decades, even though they’ve ‘tried everything’.  How could tapping on yourself possibly help?  Well – it does help many, many people globally.  You can have a taste of how at this practical workshop.  Modern scientific research around pain, stress, emotions and tapping help explain how relief may come in surprising ways, reducing or sometimes eliminating pain, through EFT tapping.  This is focussed acupressure, which Harvard Medical School researchers tells us calms the brain’s fear centre.  You’ll get a handout on how to tap for yourself at a basic level, even if deeper remedial work could require EFT practitioner help with relaxation.

‘Tap Away Your Hidden Mindset Blocks to Money!’

Sunday, FEBRUARY 2, 2020

f you don’t have the money you want, the (rich) experts say it’s probably something you’re thinking…. How you view the world and life affects your experience – and you can change your mind!

Tapping Help for Chronic Pain

Sunday, APRIL 5, 2020

As a healing aid, EFT tapping has lessened or eliminated physical suffering for countless people internationally. Pain clinics acknowledge an emotional component, and EFT soothes stressful emotions.

Tap Away the Burden of Bad Memories

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Gentle and safe stress relief through tapping can neutralise stress emotions around memories that can otherwise haunt you. This workshop is a trauma-informed first step to peace.


1st Floor,  Room 4
310 South Terrace (near Hutt St.) 

Booking by prepayment is necessary as numbers are limited
Refreshments and takeaway literature provided.

Workshop cost  $60

Discount for Early Bird payment $10

Or pay full price with no discounts on the day at the workshop.



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