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‘Tapping to Stop Procrastinating’

ONLINE WORKSHOP 1pm – 2:30pm Adelaide
(click here for your local time)
Saturday, July 18, 2020
90 Minutes, $35

Early Bird $25 before July 4
Use coupon code EBPR0502

Everyone puts things off sometimes, for no apparent reason – but some of us make a habit of it, and that’s a worry.  Staying stuck is stressful.  There is an easy way out, and you can learn it at this workshop – so you could start moving on immediately.  Bring along any procrastinating problem you’re having right now.  You will share only if you’re comfortable doing that – but regardless, everyone gets opportunity to tap away their stuckness.  And you’ll have a handout on the process, so you can tap again if you procrastinate in future.

Here’s a bonus:  once you know why you’re stuck, and also once you have a tool to get you unstuck, maybe you won’t need to waste time procrastinating in future…

Tap Away the Burden
of Bad Memories

(click here for your local time)
Saturday, August 22, 2020
90 minutes, $35

Early Bird $25 before August 8
Use coupon code EBBM2305

Gentle and safe stress relief through tapping can neutralise stress emotions around memories that can otherwise haunt you. This workshop is a trauma-informed first step to peace. Why bother?  Because the past is only finished with if you’ve finished with it. For example –remember that time when you offered your Dad an opinion at age 8 and he roared at you in front of visitors, ‘You don’t have an opinion!’  That crushed you.  In that traumatic moment you decided ‘My opinions are worthless’, maybe even ‘I’m worthless’!  Since then, you haven’t had the necessary courage to be heard, you’ve gone along with other people’s opinions far too often…  It’s called negative conditioning. Tapping can neutralize it, often quickly, so you can reclaim your power to be heard and valued. You’ll have your own version of this scenario.  Would you like to free up your true self? 

Tap Away Suffering from Pregnancy Loss

ONLINE WORKSHOPS 1pm – 2:30pm Adelaide
(click here for your local time)
Saturday, September 19, 2020
90 Minutes, $35

Many people with relevant experience believe that emotional and mental aftereffects of miscarriage or stillbirth are not well enough realised or respected, generally.  This leaves a multitude of women suffering often on their own, some for many years. EFT tapping can  melt away even entrenched emotional states common in grieving, such as sadness, anger, guilt (all normal reactions, but over time they threaten your health).  Tapping can also relieve traumatic memories gently, quickly and safely, whether the loss is new or longstanding.  In this caring small group workshop, your privacy is respected, and we also appreciate sharing. If you are troubled by pregnancy loss memories and feelings, come along to this introductory tapping event and experience some new relief  – no tapping knowledge necessary. While deeper private work requires private sessions, you can certainly get a taste of tapping’s healing effects in the company of a few like-minded people.

Cancellation policy:  No refunds once purchased.

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