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‘How Do I Stop Stressing Out?’

ONLINE WORKSHOP 1pm – 2:30pm Adelaide
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Saturday, October 24, 2020
90 Minutes, $35

ANXIETY is now a worldwide epidemic, quieter than COVID-19, but it can be just as destructive, long-term.  Stress is a component in every physical  as well as mental ailment, and some experts say it can even cause sickness. Day to day, feeling anxious much or all of the time is a painful time-wasting nuisance that robs us of clear thinking and constructive action. So – how can EFT tapping help?  Come along to this workshop and try it for yourself. You may either tell your anxieties, or keep them private and just say what you’re feeling at a specific time.  Tapping lowers stress levels easily and quickly, and you can learn to start tapping for yourself in this 90-minute session. And why not bring a friend so you could tap together later?

‘How Do I Stop Sabotaging Myself?’

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Saturday, November 28, 2020
90 minutes, $35

‘Oh, no!  Did I say/do that?’  Who hasn’t been through this at least once or twice?  If you are saying this too often,  it’s time to do something about it, right?   How? 

Here’s great news.  EFT tapping enables you to discover why you sabotage yourself in various unintended ways, plus how to start healing this subconscious tendency.  You can begin the change process in this small-group workshop, and take your practical hands-on learnings to help yourself later. 

Scientific studies show that this leading-edge method for stress relief is safe, gentle, and 3-6 times faster than most other methods.  No experience needed for the workshop.  Bring a friend!  This event is tremendous value.

Got business worries?  Like a secret weapon? Try EFT Tapping

ONLINE WORKSHOPS 1pm – 2:30pm Adelaide
(click here for your local time)
Saturday, December 12, 2020
90 Minutes, $35

Immediate stress relief brings bonuses, such as rewiring your brain for new possibilities, relaxing your body, removing your success blocks, brightening your outlook.  Since COVID-19‘s onslaught on the small business scene for owners and workers, stress symptoms have been rocketing.  EFT tapping is an innovative DIY science-backed method for stress relief.  You can start feeling relief in this workshop – and also learn enough to help yourself feel better daily. Huffington Post writer Brian Horn has this to say about EFT tapping and business:  ‘According to many tapping students, EFT has resulted in bigger thinking, more action, stronger financial states, career growth, and increased satisfaction with life.’  Start here turning your worry mindset into a possibility mindset, for fun and profit.  Come along to this small-group workshop, and why not bring a friend? Seriously, what (stresses) have you got to lose…  BOOK NOW.

Cancellation policy:  No refunds once purchased.

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