Robert is a teacher whose fear of heights was so severe he could not cross a bridge without ‘high anxiety’.  Nor could he go near a window in a high rise building, or even climb a ladder, without the same reaction. 

What he felt in these situations was primal terror — which could be interpreted as irrational.  His phobia embarrassed him, but he could not control the fear, and he did not know why he had it.

Naturally, he would avoid such frightening situations if he could, and that in itself was problematic for him.

Robert came to me to see if EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) could relieve this huge stress.  He wanted to be free of it for the rest of his life.

EFT is an acupressure-and-mindfulness approach to stress relief.

Unusual solution

In Robert’s case, when he came to see  me as an EFT tapping practitioner/trainer, what we discussed led to an unusual solution.

When I asked Robert when he had felt a similar terror, he was surprised to have an immediate vivid inner flash of being thrown off a cliff. Yet this had never happened to him!

We treated this gift from his subconscious mind as though it were a memory from some other lifetime of his. We spent no time discussing whether or not it was a ‘true’ memory, because clearly it was psychologically true for him, and clearly it needed to be healed.

Sentence of death

As we began tapping to neutralise his emotions, Robert spontaneously identified with being a tribesman whose role had been to protect his tribe. However, after a warring tribe attacked his group, the survivors blamed him and decided to punish him by throwing him off a cliff.

Robert agreed to work with this situation as though it were true.  He said, ‘I felt the horror of approaching the cliff edge, and the actual act of being pushed over it.’

But after we had tapped away his brief traumatic emotions, he then felt peaceful.

Later he sent me some feedback: ‘Since the session I have no fear of approaching the edge of buildings — within safe limits, of course — or of driving over bridges’

No longer ‘held back’

One of the inhibitive effects of being  permanently stressed, as phobics are, is that they tend to stay with the familiar, avoiding risks.

Commenting on his new attitude, Robert added, ‘In fact, I now have a curiosity to see what’s over the edge, which is fun!’

His hopes of long-term freedom from the terror had come true, thanks to EFT, which is a leader in the new field of energy therapies.


‘How can I learn EFT tapping?”

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