Have you ever been in a dangerous situation and just frozen?

Our brain’s ‘fight-or-flight’ response to severe danger is common knowledge – but modern brain research is highlighting our little-known third danger response:  the ‘freeze’ response. This research is opening new possibilities for dealing with ‘diseases of stress’ such as chronic pain, obesity and diabetes.

Unresolved trauma may lie at the root of various physical diseases whose cause is not understood, according to international trauma researcher Dr. Robert Scaer,  He is referring to neurological effects of trauma experienced perhaps up to years before a disease manifests.

Dr. Scaer writes in his book ‘The Body Bears the Burden’:  ‘Many of those chronic diseases that seem to be the most common… may well have their roots in the insidious systematic effects of cumulative trauma.’

He also cites osteoporosis, hypertension, and atherosclerosis, as well as physical ailments that often accompany both whiplash and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The freeze response to danger is a temporary biological paralysis that can affect people in a situation that causes terror or horror and helplessness, such as accident, natural disaster, war or personal assault.  Because this biological response is not so well known, victims of rape, for example,  often blame themselves for inaction – ‘I should have done something but I couldn’t move’, unknowingly setting up years of unnecessary self-blame.

What kind of healing approach can help this?

More and more people worldwide are reporting recovery from unresolved traumatic memories after applying Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping) to them, with help from qualified EFT practitioners.   Worldwide, many psychologists, doctors, therapists and counsellors also now add some EFT to their own skills, for the purpose of stress release.

Worldwide, people also report that a variety of physical ailments have subsequently improved or faded away after EFT tapping has released stresses from anywhere in a life cycle.

EFT tapping is a gentle acupressure-and-mindfulness technique and often works fast, although complex issues take some persistence to release deep-seated stresses.  Harvard Medical School research shows that acupressure calms the amygdala in the brain, which is central to the ‘fight/flight/freeze’ response.

EFT was developed in the mid-Nineties in the U,S,A,   It is a non-traditional healing aid, acknowledged as ‘evidence-based’ by the conservative American Psychological Association.


‘How can I learn EFT tapping?”

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