When something goes wrong with your body, like everyone else, you’ve been ‘trained’ to blame your body, haven’t you?  IT is causing you problems.  And you may think the only solution is prescription drug use.

But not everyone wants to take prescription drugs.  Happily, new research is suggesting a more productive approach, one that often gets bodily improvement happening for people who try it.

So – how else might you view the ailments that make you angry at your body?  Take pain, stiffness, soreness, impaired mobility, nausea, period pain, to name a few.

WHAT IF your physical body was actually expressing problems that exist on your emotional level?

WHAT IF healing, or neutralising, specific stress emotions — that you may not even be aware you have — actually relieved  your physical symptoms?

Relieving suffering

The reality is, the self-help acupressure method EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)  often relieves suffering remarkably quickly, and frees up the body.  This simple DIY stress-reducing practice activates soothing biochemical responses to the brain, and calms the body’s meridian energy system.

Its only problem is that it sounds too good to be true!

However, you can read many personal accounts of how people do this, on http://www.eftuniverse.com/, the major website for EFT tapping techniques.

Many people tell how they have reduced their need for prescription drug use through tapping on themselves and saying a few words.  Others with more complex difficulties have had help from EFT practitioners, in person or by phone or Skype.

(Consulting your doctor is vital if you want to reduce your drug intake.  However, EFT is still new to most people, so your doctor may not have heard of EFT – and may be too busy to even want to know how you have reduced your stressload. )

Every day around the planet, millions of  people are now proving that emotional stress makes both physical pain and illness worse… and that there well may be a solution for them, although there are no guarantees.  Try it and see.

(Please consult your doctor on medical issues, and on any reduction you may want to make in your prescription drug use.)

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