While many people owe their lives and wellbeing to prescription drug use, many other people would rather not take drugs.  Are you looking into possible alternatives?  For example, have you explored relieving your body’s stressload through the evidence-based stress reduction method called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping)?

Examining the dark side of prescription drugs, U.S. medico Dr. Joseph Mercola reports that poisoning from prescription drugs has now surpassed car accidents as the leading cause of accidental death in the United States, according to data collected by the U.S. National Centre for Health.

He names a number of popular prescription pain killers that now cause more deaths than heroin and cocaine combined.

We all know that illness is connected with stress. We just have not realised how strong the connections are..

But when stress goes, the body immediately relaxes, symptoms can disappear, and in many cases our natural healing energies can begin to flow.

‘Could I just tap and stop taking my prescription drugs?’ NO!

If you’re looking into EFT  and its function as a healing aid for stress — you’re probably carrying loads more stress than you realise, because from Day One of life we get used to managing our ‘stuck’  layers of tension from unresolved situations, until they feel ‘normal’.


The way to do it is to add some regular EFT tapping to your life,  perhaps starting with a few weeks of daily DIY once you’ve learned the basics, or a few sessions with a qualified EFT practitioner,  Then check to see if any changes are happening in your body. Consult your doctor. (However, EFT is still new to most people, so your doctor may not have heard of EFT – and may be too busy to even want to know how you have reduced your stressload.)

If you are doing EFT correctly and regularly, physical improvement is not a pipe dream.  Improvements can happen quickly for some people with some ailments. If improvement happens for you via tapping — keep going!

Energy Psychology

Of course, you can add EFT to your life WITHOUT intending to drop your prescription drugs.  EFT is a healing aid for stress release.

As a leader in the new field of Energy Psychology, EFT is part of a ‘fourth wave’ of psychotherapy whose techniques are briefer and — or because — they involve the body, which talk therapies do not.

While there is no guarantee of improvement through tapping, people around the world are increasingly turning to this simple practice that begins with tapping on specific locations on your head and upper body while saying a few words. This is the basic, core level of EFT practice, the level which is available to almost anyone as a DIY stress reducing method, More serious problems require the experience and expertise of qualified EFT practitioners.

‘My body is letting me down’

When something goes wrong with your body, like everyone else you’ve been ‘trained’ to blame your body, haven’t you?  IT is what is causing you problems. 

So – instead of blaming your body, how else might you view the ailments that make you angry at your body?  Take pain, stiffness, soreness, impaired mobility, nausea, period pain, disease, to name a few.

  • WHAT IF your physical body was actually expressing problems that exist on your emotional level? (For example, pain clinics attribute at least 65% of chronic pain to stress emotions.)
  • WHAT IF healing, or neutralising, specific stress emotions — that you may not even be aware you feel — actually relieved  one or more of your physical symptoms?

Relieving suffering

The reality is, this self-help acupressure-and-mindfulness method has often relieved physical suffering remarkably quickly.  In freeing up the body as well as the mind, this simple  practice activates soothing biochemical responses to the brain, and calms the body’s nervous system.

According to Harvard Medical School research, acupressure (tapping on specific key body points) calms the brain’s fear centre.

A recent study revealed that one hour of EFT tapping with an EFT practitioner turns on 72 genes that benefit health, including one that discourages cancer.

EFT tapping’s problem is that it sounds too good to be true!

However, you can find  many personal accounts of how people use EFT tapping — online, and in books and movie documentaries about EFT.    (See 5,000 personal reports on www.eftuniverse.com  )

People tell how they have reduced their need for prescription drug use through learning how to tap on themselves and say a few words.  Others with more complex difficulties have had health improvements after having help from EFT practitioners, in person or by phone or Skype/Zoom.

  • You can also read about more than 100 scientific studies carried out on EFT over the last ten years, in 7 countries

Every day around the planet, millions of  people are unknowingly proving that emotional stress can make both physical pain and illness worse.  There may well be a solution, at least for some people..

Try EFT tapping yourself and see!  (Please consult your doctor on medical issues.)


‘How can I learn EFT tapping?”

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