If you’re often anxious, that’s a worry in itself. You’re not alone in that.  Anxiety as a response to stress is close to being the world’s No. 1 health problem these days.

Two-thirds of visits to doctors are because of stress.

We can use the word ‘worry’ to cover a lot of discomfort:  unease, fear, dread, upset, catastrophizing, obsessive thoughts.

But  now there’s a new skill on the block — Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT tapping.

More and more people worldwide are starting to take charge of their emotional states, through learning how to calm themselves in a simple way.  Lots of health professionals now refer their patients for EFT as a complementary healthcare service, because they know they are stressed — and not everyone wants to take a drug.

This unusual healing aid is already backed by more than 100 scientific studies published in well-known medical, psychological and psychiatric journals internationally.

Once you learn to do tapping correctly at a basic level, it’s yours for life.  And you can help others around you if they’re burdened by anxiety too – or perhaps by aches and pains – or by personal problems – or bad memories – or… or… or….  EFT tapping is a stress release skill that multitasks.

You can even use tapping to calm your pets.

How does tapping work? It sounds ridiculous.

Tapping works by resonating acupuncture points instead of using needles, and by adding a few modern innovations. It’s easy to learn and do.

To do a round of tapping, you fingertap on selected acupuncture points on your head, body and hands, while you say a few words to focus on one specific anxiety at a time. A basic round of tapping takes about 30 seconds.  You repeat it several times untll you can’t feel the worry any more. So an anxiety may dissolve in minutes, although serious or complex problems take more persistence and expertise.

If your worry doesn’t yield to the above simple process, then it will have more complex roots, and you would be advised to seek the services of an EFT certified practitioner. Tapping sessions can be done in person, or online anywhere in the world, even by phone.  Consult a reliable EFT directory,  as there are hundreds of imitators on the Internet.

‘How can I learn EFT tapping?”

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