While she was sitting in his dental chair, a woman’s dentist twice asked her if she had taken Valium.  She had not, but she was really calm.  He asked this because never before had this patient overcome her fears of the dentist.

What had changed?

The reality was that this woman had eliminated her severe and longstanding dentistry fears through a private session with me of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping). Most of her nervousness had simply faded easily away within an hour.  This had nothing to do with willpower.  It had everything to do with tapping on specific acupuncture points (no needles) to release stress.

EFT tapping is an acupressure technique where you focus briefly on a personal problem while you tap on key meridian endpoints on your head, body and hands.  This soothes your meridian energy system, which is disrupted by stress, for one specific purpose at a time.

In this case I had assisted my client to gently let go of fear of the dentist and everything associated with a dentistry visit:  the antiseptic smell of a dental surgery, the sights and sounds (the dreaded drill), the feel of sitting in the chair, the feel of having instruments in her mouth, the various procedures… and most of all, her fear of possible pain.

Now, this woman does not actually love going to the dentist!   But a dental appointment is no longer a nightmare, to be anticipated fearfully  for weeks, even before she would make appointments.  She can now take it in her stride, and just be grateful for the dental care.

(Eliminating phobias is just one application of this science-backed, evidence-based  technique for stress relief.)

You don’t need to put off seeing a dentist

Millions of people avoid going to a dentist at all, even for check-ups, because they can’t overcome their fears. They might drag themselves there in a dental emergency (which is more likely to occur if there are no dental appointments).  But they put their overall health at risk because they are so frightened.  But our mouth is a part of our body, and needs to be in as good a working order as any other part.

Dental problems that are ignored can affect the welfare of the whole body.

Even people who are scared of dentists because they have had a bad experience with one or more dentists can be helped to gently and easily let go of their fear through  EFT tapping.

Dental clinic and EFT study

A scientific study carried out by a British dentist showed that a number of his nervous patients calmed down following even ten minutes of EFT tapping, administered before the appointment by a member of his staff.

EFT is a self-help skill in many instances.  Its purpose is to make life easier!   You might even be able to let go of your fear of dentists yourself, through trying this leading-edge technique.

‘How can I learn EFT tapping?”

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