This is about a woman allergic to bushfire smoke, although it could be any allergy.  I’ve recently come across a report from U.S. allergy specialist Dr. Sandi Radomski, who is also an Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping) practitioner.  

Cyndee lives in an area where planned burning of vegetation is a safety measure – but Cyndee would feel far from safe, because the smoke caused her eyes to itch and burn, and she would wheeze.  So on those days she would stay indoors to minimise the effects.

Cyndee tried EFT tapping on her reactions, taking each symptom separately, and they subsided. While there is no guarantee this will happen for anybody else, it is commonly reported.

EFT is an acupressure-and-mindfulness technique for relieving stress and limitation, a leader in the new field of energy therapies.

Lots of people credit EFT tapping with banishing their allergies, either by themselves or with the help of an EFT practitioner.

100+ scientific studies

Despite more than 100 scientific studies demonstrating EFT’s effectiveness for many problems, it can still be regarded as experimental.  However,  tapping on yourself and saying a few words is not likely to do any harm.

Clearing an allergy may happen within minutes of knowing what to do. That means knowing exactly what to tap about, where on your head and body to tap acupressure points, what to say while you’re doing that. You can tap not only on your reactions but also tap away your (subconscious) need to have them…

Cyndee, for instance, said something like ‘Even though this smoke is burning my eyes and throat, I deeply and completely appreciate and love myself, and I choose to be free from any physical reaction to this toxic smoke.’

Is this magic?

It can feel like magic, simply because we’re not used to such rapid relief from ailments, especially some that otherwise could be lifelong — let alone, perhaps accomplishing this ourselves.

But EFT works through calming specific body systems, among them the brain’s amygdala  which acupressure calms (Harvard Medical School finding).

Cyndee, by the way, also helped a man panicking while having an asthma attack without his inhaler, by guiding him through a few minutes’ tapping.

People report that allergies to particular foods, pollen, dust, mould, etc. have all yielded to EFT, although some more complex cases take  more time and tapping know-how.

‘How can I learn EFT tapping?”

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