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Do you hate your stomach?  Or your thighs?  Or your nose?  How much stress do you carry every day in your view of your own body?  There is a way to feel comfortable about yourself, and it’s called EFT tapping, or Emotional Freedom Techniques.

This is a science-backed DIY acupressure technique that’s travelling fast around the world, mostly by word of mouth..  As people by the millions find that it works for letting go of stress, they tell their friends, and their friends start tapping away all kinds of problems of their own, or help their family members or friends – even pets – feel better quickly.

(If a problem feels too big, consult a certified EFT practitioner, in person or on Skype/Zoom.)

Jessie suffered for years

Jessie is an overweight young woman who had come to hate her stomach.  She felt it was too big, and so it felt like a barrier to looking good in clothes, even to making new friends, to feeling confident, even to speaking to anyone new.  She was convinced that people judged her worth by judging only that her stomach was ugly.

Jessie had suffered this way for three years, and it only got worse, whatever she tried to tell herself.

No wonder she didn’t go for that new job as she was longing to do.

When Jessie came to me feeling depressed, we applied the tapping technique.  We also said some words – but the words alone would not change a thing, they were only useful for focussing the stress release work.

How Jessie changed

What helped Jessie  change was the acupressure, or fingertapping, that goes with the words.

Tapping on certain acupuncture points sets up a mild electric current in the body, calming the brain’s fear centre and lowering the stress hormone cortisol.  EFT’s ideally crafted techniques focus specifically on the personal problem and gently lower the stress around it.  This allows what psychologists call ‘a cognitive shift’, that is, a spontaneous mental and emotional shift to a more positive mindset, often in minutes.

Some of the words Jessie tapped with were:

  • Even though I hate my stomach because it’s too big and ugly, I accept myself anyway, deeply and completely
  • Even though I feel awful about my stomach, and it stops me doing what I want to do with my life, I deeply and profoundly accept myself anyway
  • Even though people don’t like me because of my stomach, I love myself anyway, or I want to.

During the session Jessie found she was letting go of some of the intensity of those familiar negative thoughts.

We continued:

  • Even though my stomach does great things for me every day, I still hate it, but maybe that’s not fair
  • Even though my stomach has somehow got too big, it’s not all bad, I really couldn’t do without it
  • Even though I have so much to thank my stomach for, maybe I could send it a little love, I would not like to be constantly rejected and abused like I’ve been doing to my stomach
  • Maybe one day that part of my body will bring me a lovely child, oh wow, I hadn’t thought of that…

At the end of the hour of EFT tapping, Jessie was laughing, greatly relieved.  She said, ‘I’ve been letting my stomach run my life. I am so much more than my stomach. I’m sure people can see that if I let them!  Yes, it’s big at the moment, but so what? I’ve got more exciting things to focus on.’

And guess what?  As she left, she gave her stomach a loving pat.

Plus, she knew enough now to start tapping to deal with the next problem to come along.  (Would that be some learning challenge in her new job? She could now use tapping to ease that stress…)

Jessie even started thinking about having EFT help to lose some weight…


‘How can I learn EFT tapping?”

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