Did you know you can evolve — or rewire — your brain ON PURPOSE?  If you think your life experience needs improvement, explore Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping).

Modern research shows that your thoughts, feelings and experiences (real or imagined) are constantly rewiring your brain anyway. The question is – are you helping or hindering your life, even without realising you’re doing it?

Contrary to previously held ideas, your brain has an amazing ability to change and adapt, for better or for worse, according to psychiatrist Dr. Norman Doidge, author of ‘The Brain that Changes Itself’.

The brain is unchangeable?  ‘Spectacularly wrong…’

Dr. Doidge says that the four-centuries-old idea, that the brain is hard-wired and unchangeable, is ‘spectacularly wrong.’  His and others’ research popularises the term  ‘neuroplasticity’ as the brain’s newly discovered  adaptability.

Another doctor points out that unfavorable neural pathways can create miserable life experiences.

Dr. Joseph Mercola, whose natural health website is #1 worldwide,  observes, ‘For four centuries, it was believed your brain worked much like a computer with its functions set as firmly in place as any machine.  Today’s neuroscientists are proving your brain is continuously morphing in response to your needs.

‘For example, a negative outlook on life, through depression, anxiety or chronic pain, can actually rewire your neural pathways in a way that makes those conditions more likely to continue.

‘One excellent tool for reversing unfavourable neural pathways is EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques)’.

As part of the service at Dr. Mercola’s Chicago medical clinic,many patients also receive EFT tapping treatments.

What is EFT tapping? 

EFT is a focussed acupressure-and-mindfulness technique for calming the brain’s fear centre and significantly lowering the stress hormone cortisol.   Millions of people have learned to apply EFT tapping for themselves when they feel stressed, and even children can use it.

This leading-edge technique often works quickly.  More complex applications of EFT require more persistence, to uncover and neutralise deeply held emotional and mental blocks affecting both mind and body.

In a short time, EFT tapping can melt away trauma effects even as severe as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (which has no official cure).  Thousands of U.S. war veterans attest to this, as after an average 6-10 EFT sessions they no longer qualify for the PTSD diagnosis.  In the U.S.  staff at several veterans’ hospitals are trained in EFT. The U.S. Department of Veterans’ Affairs has approved the technique to be officially applied for PTSD sufferers.

How does EFT tapping rewire the brain?

As many scientific studies show, through apparently simple  techniques of tapping on acupuncture points, this method calms emotions, eases or releases chronic pain, deepens relaxation, brings peace to unhappy memories, clears away blocks to best performance in any capacity, and more… The common factor is stress of various kinds.

EFT works directly on the body’s meridian system, which has been fundamental to Chinese medicine for more than 3,000 years.  Western scientists are beginning to validate its acupoints.

You can easily learn to use EFT tapping to banish a headache, or quickly lose an angry response, or neutralise an unhappy memory —  you can even help your pets feel better.

Melissa’s major rewiring

Or you can dedicate yourself for a while to rejuvenating your whole  life through tapping!

Melissa is a woman in middle life who has taken EFT tapping seriously.

Starting from a lifelong chronic anxiety state, she has voluntarily logged 500 hours of daily tapping on herself, including just a few sessions plus 2 weekend training workshops with me.  She now aims to become an EFT practitioner.

Melissa says: ‘I never would have thought that I could live such a peaceful life. 

‘A lot of the things that used to bother me don’t impact on me any more.  Peace has become my mantra, and I love to spread it around to others.

Melissa has virtually rewired her own brain.


‘How can I learn EFT tapping?”

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